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Déjà Blue Circle is pleased to present our very first project. Aaaaaand the chosen fandom is...


- We are currently searching for contributors. The admission period is open until de 13th of November.

- Both doujinshi (up to 20 pages, more or less) and colour illustrations will we welcomed.

- If you participate with a doujinshi you have up to the 4th of December to provide a summary of the plot and an estimation of the number of pages it will take up.

- R-18 rated doujinshi/illustrations are allowed (which doesn’t mean they are compulsory; shounen-ai and fluff is also fine). Censure will be left up to each artist’s personal criterion.

:bulletblue:PROJECT DEADLINES:bulletblue:

November 13th: End of contributor admission. Accepted contributors will be given guidelines and page templates.

December 4th, 2011: doujinshi scripts.
Please, estimate the approximate number of pages it will take up. It would be great if the storyboard, or part of it, could be also shown.

February 19th, 2012: first check
Doujinshi: half of the total number of pages, more or less, must be finished and handed in.
Illustration: sketch or sketches of the idea you have in mind.

April 8th, 2012: Final deadline
All doujinshi and illustrations must be completely finished and given in by this date.

This means you have roughly 6 months to finish you doujinshi or illustration. We want everything to keep running smoothly and no last-minute surprises, and that is why the handing over is done in three times, script, first half, second half; the first hand in is as important as the final one.

:bulletblue:YES! I'M A BRAVE ONE AND WANT TO PARTICIPATE!!!:bulletblue:

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to filling in the following information:

- Name/Nickname

- Nationality

- Would you like to participate with a doujinshi or an illustration?

- Which pairing or pairings do you want to draw? (it is advised to take into consideration more than one pairing in case everybody decides to do the same one. We believe it would be preferable to keep the anthologies as much varied as possible).

- A link with some of your works, be it pages in case you want to do a doujinshi, or illustrations (there is NO need to draw anything specifically for the admission process). DeviantART galleries, personal blogs and similar are perfectly fine.

Thank you all for your interest (:
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October 30, 2011


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